Super Easy (and safe!) Faux Marble Christmas ornaments

DIY Marbled Christmas Ornaments.jpg

These ornaments are seriously so easy! ANYONE can do, adults...anyone! 

All you need are:

  • Some clear ornaments (I used plastic, but you can also use glass). I would recommend plastic if little ones are participating. I purchased mine from Dollar Tree, but you can also find them HERE.
  • Some cheap acrylic paint. I find the dollar store brands work best as they are a bit runnier and are easy to swirl around the ball. The exact colors I used are: Spun Gold, Silver Morning, Turquoise, and White. All by DecoArt Crafter's Acrylic (found at Dollarama or HERE).
  • Some mini cups (like Dixie cups). I also got mine from Dollar Tree, but they can be found HERE.
  • Some ribbon to match the paint you chose (any ribbon will do!)

I also used some paper towel and some scrap paper to catch the drips. 

For the full instructional video, scroll down.

Basically, you just pull off the tops of the clear Christmas balls, pour the paint inside and swirl around until you cover the inside. Then you place the ball top down in a Dixie Cup to drain all the excess paint (I allowed it to drain for 12 hours, but probably 1-2 is sufficient). Next flip them top up on the Dixie Cup and wipe the excess paint from around the rim. Allow it to dry overnight. The next day, just put the tops back on and tie on some ribbon. Just like that! You have designer looking Christmas balls!

*Keep in mind that the paint will shift and marbleize as it drains and dries, so your ornaments will look different throughout the process.