5 Personalized Gifts any Mom would Treasure!

I’ve been on the hunt for gifts that would make any mom happy! This time I went for all jewelry, but I feel like most moms would love jewelry. Most of these shops also make keychains, etc., so they have options even if your mom doesn’t love jewelry.

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  1. Infinity Necklace

Source:  AStyleUnique

Source: AStyleUnique

These necklaces are beautiful and they can be customized with 1 to 4 names! They are available in Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled, White Gold Filled. I don’t think there is a mom on the planet that wouldn’t love these. Find them HERE.

2. Handwriting Necklace

Source:  FromToday

Source: FromToday

These necklaces are made from actual handwriting samples. Imagine how adorable it would be to have your little one draw you a picture and have it engraved into a necklace! You can find these HERE.

3. Silhouette Necklace

I love these little necklaces made from your child’s actual silhouette. You can have a little pendant of each of your children on the same necklace. So cute! You can find it HERE.

4. Personalized Ring

These rings are so simple and pretty. I have similar ones with each of my kid’s names and I wear them stacked. You can find them HERE.

5. Pet Portrait Necklace

We can’t forget about the pet moms! How adorable is this little necklace, engraved with your pet’s picture. This is so cute! Find it HERE.

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