Fun Turquoise, Hot Pink and Gold Girl's Bedroom Design

Fun and happy girl's room

Yay! I'm so excited to do my very first room reveal at Alphadorable! 

A few months ago, my daughter decided she had outgrown her toddler bedroom and needed a 'grown up' room. She's 6, so she's super grown up...ha. 

We started by choosing the color pallet of turquoise and hot pink. Her 'must have' items included a gold a "unicorn head looking through her wall" (yes, she's convinced that that's a window on her wall and the unicorn is looking though...not that there is a deceased decapitated unicorn mounted to her wall ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) 

A lot of the items were actually remnants of her toddler room, but they actually worked pretty well in her new space. Keep reading to see all the details! 

pink and turquoise girls bedroom

These super cute gold polka dots are wall decals. They are the 3" size. You can find them here: Polka dot wall decals . This bedding is a duvet cover set from JYSK .

This little doll is named Lily and has been my daughter's absolute favorite since she was a year old. She has gone everywhere with my daughter. She's been dragged through the mud and put through the wash. Her face was used for toddler teething (hence her beautiful, well preserved features..ha). The picture on the right shows her when we first received her. She was handmade by Honeylime designs ( She did an amazing job and she has held up so well considering what she's been through! She even has my daughters name embroidered on her bum!

girls white side table

This cute white side table was purchased from JYSK. My daughter asked for a drawer and a cabinet and this one was perfect. I replaced the hardware with clear crystal knobs. 

girl's pink turquoise gold gallery wall
girls bookshelf style ideas
pink and turquoise name blocks

The gallery wall may be my favorite part of this room. The 3 turquoise, pink, green and red canvases are paintings I created a few years ago and the prints for each are available in my Print Shop.

diy emoji unicorn head wall mount

The Unicorn head! This thing was almost the death of It was the one thing my daughter 'NEEDED' for her room can't buy them in Canada. Like, anywhere. In the US, there is Target and a million other places to purchase them, but I couldn't justify spending $40 shipping on a $18 unicorn head (and possibly paying more $$ in customs fees). 

This one was made using a $5 emoji pillow! I found the cushion at Michael's and the whole thing ended up being about $10 and took half an hour.  I will post a tutorial in the coming weeks. 

turquoise dresser

This dresser was a $5 garage sale find! It is a vintage 1970's piece. I painted it turquoise and added the clear crystal hardware. 

mosquito net reading nook
child's pink arm chair
floral mosquito net canopy

The reading nook was a super cute idea. My daughter loves it. It was just a mosquito net canopy I got from Jysk for about $12 and I just glued the flowers on using a glue gun. I would still like to add some fairy lights inside but I'm trying to find some white led ones. 

girls pink and turquoise decor ideas

I still need to paint a custom piggy bank for my daughter to match her room. This one she's had for a while and it's just a simple, boring polka dot one. I will create one just for her. My boy's each have one, so she needs one too.

pink aqua gold gallery wall

And one last view of the gallery wall! 

I had so much fun designing this room. It's so fun, bright and happy. My daughter loves it and seems to keep it cleaner than before (for now anyway). Most of her toy storage is in her closet, so I will make a future post about how I organized that area. 

Items I used in this room