An Industrial Shared Boy's Room with a Hint of Minecraft

My 2 Boys share a room. They have since they were itsy bitsy. We are currently renting, so they will be sharing for a bit longer until we buy a home. Their room was a Minecraft theme that I created a couple of years ago (see more about that room here). But since they are now outgrowing Minecraft, they wanted something a bit more grownup.

My oldest son loves modern architecture and science, while my younger son loves vintage video games. I love how we were able to decorate each side using their individual interests.

If you are interested in any of the items I used, I linked as many as I could at the bottom (some are affiliate links).

Tween Minecraft bedroom
rustic industrial boy's bedroom
industrial minecraft themed boys room

On my oldest son’s side, I used a modern architecture print as well as some geometric prints. They represent his interests. I also added his grade 8 graduation diploma.

industrial minecraft themed boy's room
industrial minecraft boys room

This poster is still in a minecraft theme, but is a bit more mature than most of the ones I have found.

video game themed boys room

My youngest son’s side has more of a vintage video game vibe. I painted a large canvas to look like an NES controller and added his name to it too!.

industsrial monogram wall art
industrial monogram wall art

I created these letter signs with round picture frames I found at a thrift store. I just cut out the letters from thick cardstock, painted them silver, and sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on them while the paint was still wet to give them a rusted metal look.

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