3 Super Easy (and non sketchy) Ways to Save on your Holiday Shopping! (Even if you're in Canada)

Christmas gift rustic wrapping

Christmas is soooo expensive...don't you agree? I've mastered shopping online...like, I've got it down to a science...lol. I'm an artist and I work from home, so I buy all my Holiday gifts in between coats of paint while in my studio and they show up at my door a few days later. It's amazing and saves so much time!

Over the past couple of years, I've found ways to save money online, that are super easy, quick and can pay off big time. 

(this article may contain affiliate links that allow me to make a very small commission but I only recommend items/services I use and trust)

1. Ebates

I've been using Ebates for just over 2 years, and it is amazing. Like getting free money, it's safe, and it's super easy to use:

1. Sign up for an account

2. Use their links to go to the website of your choice 

3. Complete your purchase using the same browser tab.

4. The rebate will automatically be deposited in your Ebates account.

To collect your payment, you can either have a cheque mailed directly to you or you can have it deposited to your Paypal account. Payouts are processed every 3 months.  You don't have to give them any private info (except your email) so you can feel super safe.

I made about $80 last holiday season in rebates and that's on items I would have purchased anyway. Win-win. The rebates are usually 2%-5% but I have seen some go up to 20% (at Old Navy!) On the US site, you get a $10 bonus after you spend $25 on your first purchase!

I'm located in Canada, so I use Ebates.ca. If you are in the US, you would use Ebates.com

2. Honey

Honey is an app (for ios or android) and a Chrome browser extension that automatically finds the best coupon code for whatever website you are on. It's awesome! No more Googling 'Forever 21 coupon code'  or searching your emails for coupon codes. This app does it for you! 

When you check out from your favorite store, a small drop down menu will appear and you can click the coupon code you want to apply. Easy Peasy! 

A bonus with this app is you can sync your Amazon 'Save for Later' list with the app and it will automatically let you know if the price drops on one of your items! Amazing, right? Sign up for Honey below:

3. Start Shopping Early


I usually start making my Christmas shopping list in September. That way, I know what I am buying (or making) for my family and friends. Then if I happen to see one of those items for a great price in the months leading up to the holidays, I can purchase it, put it away and mark it off my list.

I also almost never deviate from the list. It's so easy to see something that you know your loved one will love, and end up going overboard (especially when you start purchasing early). Plan your budget way ahead of time and don't go over. 

I like to watch flyers and emails for sales on the particular items I'm looking for. Starting in September gives them lots of time to go on sale at some point before Christmas. And if you know your child is going to want one of this year's hottest toys (a la Hatchimals or Fingerlings) make sure you start 'sale watching' in September so you aren't scrambling to buy an overpriced finger hugger off a Buy and Sell site in December. 

I hope these tips help you save loads of money this holiday season! And have an amazing Winter Break with your friends and family!